• Police: Woman stealing checks out of mailboxes in Henry County

    By: Craig Lucie


    STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. - A Henry County doctoral student said a woman nearly cleaned out her bank account and she’s worried there may be more victims out there.
    Police said the woman is sorting through people’s mail, and if she finds a check she will copy it, keep the bank and routing information, change the name on the check and then go on shopping sprees.
    “I noticed the balance was off by a lot,” said Marlene Call.
    Call showed Channel 2’s Craig Lucie copies of checks police said the woman made using just one of Call’s real checks that she stole out of her mailbox.
    “There were several (cases). They were all very quick and in one general location,” explained Sgt. Joey Smith with the Henry County Police Department.
    Police also said the woman, who appears in surveillance video, went into a Toys “R” Us store using her technique by snatching checks from mailboxes.
    “They will take the actual check, wash it or copy it and then let it go on to its original destination so the person receiving it won’t be alarmed,” explained Sgt. Smith.
     Marlene Call said that is exactly what happened to her.
    “She actually took the time to print checks with my information for the account, but her information was everywhere else so she could use a fake ID, and it takes a lot of time and effort,” said Call.
    Sgt. Joey Smith said the suspect’s fake ID and checks look so real, store clerks won’t catch it.
    “It will ultimately clear the bank, and at some point the bank will figure out it’s a fraud,” said Sgt. Smith.
    Police said the woman may be linked to another fraud case at a Publix in Stockbridge, so they are hoping that if anyone recognizes her from the video they will call the Henry County Police Department.

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