GBI: Man shot by APD officer was a fugitive



ATLANTA - The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said the man shot and killed by Atlanta police at the Mall West End Wednesday evening was a fugitive wanted by authorities in Mississippi.

Atlanta police got a tip that the fugitive was in a Chevy Suburban at the mall, the GBI said.

"During officers' attempt to arrest, the fugitive was shot and killed," GBI spokesman John Bankhead said.

The man has not been identified publicly pending next of kin notification.

The shooting happened the parking lot of the Mall West End around 9 p.m. Wednesday.

A witness said it was a chaotic situation.

"I just saw the truck at the front, and then the police pulled in, I think maybe three, and they jumped out and yelled, 'Freeze,' and a little after that, I heard the shots and people started running towards us," witness Andrew Smith said.

Angela Grann said she was with the suspect before police shot him.

“We were just outside smoking and talking to the guy, and then all of a sudden things happened so fast,” Grann said.

Grann said officers told the driver to stop the vehicle.

“If they tell you to stop your vehicle, stop your vehicle. Stop the car, get out and do as they say. They have a right to protect their life,” Grann said.

An APD representative said the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been called in because of the complexity of the crime scene, the number of officers involved and because there was a fatality involved in the situation.

Bankhead asked that anyone who witnessed the shooting contact the GBI.