• Police seeking family of man found dead in 2006

    By: Liz Artz


    EAST POINT, Ga. - Police say it's a case that haunts them to this day because they've never been able to identify the man and get him home to his family.
    It's been eight years since a man's body was discovered in a wooded area in East Point.
    A land surveyor, who was scouting a property off Headland Drive discovered the remains of man, estimated to be 40 to 60 years old.
    "It bothers us that we have no idea who this gentlemen is,” said East Point Police Lt. Cliff Chandler.
    Chandler was the responding detective June 13, 2006. He said the man was badly decomposed, had likely been there for months, hanging by a dog leash from a tree.
    "There was evidence that led us to believe he was homeless,” Chandler said.
    But other clues suggested otherwise. He was found with a medallion from Ciba Vision Corporation, a contact lens maker.
    "It appears to be a medallion consistent with years’ service. It is gold distinctive markings on it,” Chandler said.
    He was found wearing a distinctive jacket, he had nice teeth and it was determined he had surgery on his right knee.
    Police said through the years they've exhausted all leads and would like to bring closure to a family.
    "It's very sad. We would like to know or at least think his family knows where he is, missing or deceased some closure for them,” Chandler said.

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