Cops look for Starbucks flasher



ROSWELL, Ga. - A woman said she was flashed by a man at a Starbucks store in Roswell.

By phone, the woman told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik she was about to get a cup of coffee at a Starbucks on West Crossville Road on Sunday morning when it happened.

"He was in the parking lot and looking at her and exposed himself to her," Roswell police spokeswoman Lisa Holland told Petchenik.

The victim said she was shocked and immediately ran into the store to call police. Another customer ran outside to chase the flasher, but she said he was gone already.

"I think it's absolutely degrading and pitiful," Starbucks customer Amed Troche said.

He said someone flashed him last year in Atlanta.

"Harsh action should be taken against a person who does something like that," Troche said.

Dr. Andrew Gothard, of Atlanta Psychological Services, said the profile of an exhibitionist skews towards younger white men.

"Nearly half of them are married," Gothard said.

He also said flashers tend to repeat the offense.

"Typically, they do it, and they do it again, and they do it again until eventually, they do get caught," Gothard said.

He said for some, flashing is a coping mechanism to release stress. He said it can become an addiction for the person suffering the mental disorder behind the behavior.

Roswell police said they are tracking down leads in the case.