• Police search for person who struck dog in hit-and-run

    By: Rachel Stockman


    ATLANTA - A family said a car drove off after running over their pet and nearly hitting his owner as he was walking the dog with a leash on a Buckhead sidewalk.
    “The thud was sickening, the sound of him hitting my dog and he sped off, and my poor dog was lying like a rag right in front of me, “ said  John Corsiglia, the dog’s owner.
    Corsiglia, was walking his cavalier poodle on a sidewalk on Old Ivey Road in Buckhead when he said the white SUV came barreling at them, jumped the sidewalk, hit a telephone pole, nearly hit him and ran over the dog.
    The incident happened at around 7:30 a.m. Saturday.  He believes the SUV was a Ford Expedition.
    “At that hour, he was either drunken from the night before or texting or some form of distraction,” said Corsiglia.
    “If we had been walking with the children, we walk up and down the street every day, there is a school there,” Lynn Corsigilia said.
    At first the family thought the dog would not make it.
    “He has a broken front leg, both bones in his forearm, and he has multiple fractures in his pelvis area (and head trauma),” said Dr. Kevin Winkler with BluePearl Georgia Veterinary Specialists. “Given the number of injuries he had, some of them don’t survive.”
    Winkler performed surgery on Ollie Wednesday and the family is hopeful he will make it.
    “Whoever you are, you absolutely know you struck my dog, there can be no ambiguity about that, I hope you will do the right thing and come forward ,” Corsiglia said.
    They filed a report with Atlanta police and anyone with information should call Zone 2 at 404-848-7231.

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