• Police search for man wanted in string of forgeries

    By: Jim Strickland


    CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. - Police are looking for the man responsible for a string of forgeries in Carroll County.
    Channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland learned the man has hit several convenience stores, but authorities said the true victim is the baby he brings along.
    Video from newly-installed cameras at a Texaco station off Interstate 20 at Exit 11 in Breman show the man holding a toddler throughout the transaction as he cashes a phony check.
    "What's your gut reaction to it?" Strickland asked store owner Maulik Patel.
    "I'm shocked," Patel said. 
    Patel is also in the video, selling the man lottery tickets, gasoline and giving back more than $300 in change after the man with the baby cashed a check for nearly $400.
    "I think he just used the baby as a cover," Patel said.
    The fraudulent check purports to be from local contractor Crist Roofing.  It's drawn on the wrong bank and signed by a fictitious name. 
    Police said the check casher showed a fake driver’s license for identification.
    "This guy is just out for money no matter what he's going to do," said Sgt. Chad Henderson of the Bremen Police Department.
    The store owner also said  someone first called claiming to be a Carroll County Jail deputy, vouching for the check casher before his arrival.
    Crist has heard from seven stores with bogus checks so far.
    "You think it's the end?" asked Strickland.
    "No.  It's too fast.  This is only seven, pop pop pop," said Crist, snapping his fingers.
    Police are cautioning local stores to be on the alert.  Crist is more worried for the child in the video.
    "Can you imagine what else that kid's had to deal with other than the checks getting cashed?  It's messed up," Crist said.

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