Police search for man they say tried to abduct woman out jogging

By: Liz Artz


POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. - Cobb County police are looking for a man they say attacked a young jogger from behind.
Police released a sketch Thursday of the man,who is described as white, 18 to 20 years old, about 150 pounds and about 6 feet tall.
Cobb County police want to find him before he strikes again.
Channel 2’s Liz Artz talked to residents who live near where the attempted assault and kidnapping took place.
Pat Wolfe said she didn’t immediately recognize the man.
Wolfe lives on Sassafrass Lane in Powder Springs and said detectives have already been to her house searching for the man in the sketch.
"(There was a) suspicious vehicle that was in the area, but we did not see anything ourselves," Wolfe said about the conversation with police.
Police said Saturday afternoon the man jumped out of a truck and attacked a girl from behind who was jogging on Gaydon Road.
According to police reports, the woman defended herself by elbowing the guy and pulling a pocket knife out of her waistband.
"I'm glad that she did. Now that makes me more aware. I want to go buy a Taser gun or a knife or something," Melanie Brandt said.
The man, she said, took off in a newer model, dark four-door Dodge Ram pickup truck with tinted windows.
The victim told police she is color blind but could tell the truck was dark. Residents called the incident scary.
Brandt said people in the neighborhood are using social media to get the word out to be on the lookout for the man.
"I just happened to see it on a Facebook post,” Brandt said.
Detectives are taking the attack seriously. When caught, the man is looking at attempted kidnapping and attempted assault charges.
"Makes me worry about my own kids,” Wolfe said.
Cobb County police want you to call the Crimes Against Children Unit if you know who the man is or anything about the incident. That number is 770-801-3470.

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