• Police say man is responsible for 100+ car break-ins


    ATLANTA - A man is wanted for more than 100 car break-ins at metro Atlanta hotels.  Police said the crook is hitting car after car and they want him off the street.
    Hapeville police say 21-year-old Stephen McAllister is responsible for many of the car break-ins near hotels near Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.
    Detectives have 24 warrants out on McAllister, but he's suspected in 118 car break-ins in the Hapeville, East Point and College Park area.
    McAllister was released from jail in June and given 20 to 30 years’ probation by a Fulton County judge.  Since his release, police say auto break-ins have skyrocketed.
    “The increases of entering autos in College Park area, (are at) a large and alarming rate,” said Detective Stephen Cushing.
    Cushing said surveillance pictures were snapped of McAllister breaking into cars at a Motel 6.
    McAllister’s grandmother told Channel 2’s Liz Artz she doesn't think McAllister is guilty of all he's accused of.
    “He might have done something, but no, not that many,” she said.
    When asked if she was worried about his future, McAllister’s grandmother said, “ Yes I do, but what can I do?”
    The big item being stolen are guns, and that has police even more concerned. They said there is a big market for stolen weapons.
    GPS devices, cellphones, laptops and anything else of value is also being targeted. Police are encouraging everyone not to leave valuables in vehicles. 

    Police said when McAllister is caught this time, if convicted, they will fight to make sure he gets jail time.

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