Police reports give better timeline after string of wrecks leaves 1 dead

by: Kerry Kavanaugh Updated:


LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - Investigators said they are continuing to look into what led a man to go on a spree that left one woman dead and another in critical condition after he crashed into 15 cars.

Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh sat down with Gwinnett County police Monday, and they gave her a look into the timeline of how it happened as they continue to piece everything together.

The crashes spanned from DeKalb County to Gwinnett County Wednesday.

Police said Michael Snider, 70, caused 15 car crashes in less than an hour, with the majority of them happening in the span of just seven minutes.

"It tells us that he was moving at a very fast speed," Cpl. Jake Smith of the Gwinnett County Police Department said.

Gwinnett County police are investigating 10 of the crashes.

The reports indicate Snider caused the first crash along Memorial Drive at Covington Highway in DeKalb County.

Snider's destructive path ended 18 miles east at the intersection of Highway 78 and Walton Court in Gwinnett County, police said.

Police said Snider slammed into a sedan, killing Mintiwab Woldeyhans, 73, of Loganville. Her daughter, Yeshihareg Abebe, 51, remains in critical condition from the wreck, according to police.

"We have such a small time frame that we are operating in here. And we don't have the knowledge, our officers on the road, don't have the knowledge that this is all one continuous incident," Smith said.

The first call came in to DeKalb County at 7:35 p.m. The next crash wasn't reported until 8 p.m.

Over the next several minutes, police said, Snider caused three more crashes in DeKalb County. But, when he reached Gwinnett County, callers reported 10 crashes in just seven minutes.

Police are investigating whether Snider intentionally caused them.

According to police reports, Snider's son told an officer his father came from a bar in DeKalb County. He accused the bar of continuously overserving him.

Kavanaugh contacted Snider's son over the phone Monday, but the call was disconnected. She called back and got no response.