• Police release surveillance video from Quad shooting


    ATLANTA - Atlanta police have released surveillance video of the suspects involved in a fatal shooting that happened outside of a midtown club.

    Detectives said 24-year-old Morie Brooks, of Peachtree City, was shot and killed outside the Quad club on Spring Street early Saturday.

    Atlanta Police Detective Dwayne Sutton said the victim was walking and bumped into a patron with a group of men inside the club. From that point, a verbal altercation occurred, Sutton said.

    Witnesses said Brooks tried to walk away from the group seen in the video throwing up gang signs moments before shooting. The car with the suspects was seen driving south on Spring Street, before cutting off Brooks. Sutton said he collapsed after he ran across the street.

    The victim's family said they are confident that the gunman will be found.

    "Justice will prevail; I'm sure of it, and that it would help them to know that the person is captured and can't hurt anyone else the way we're hurting right now," said family spokesperson Charlotte Bridges.

    Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477.


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