Man killed by garbage truck once accused of stalking


In a complaint against Ezell, a woman stated he sent flowers and a love card to her office at OFS, which is the plant Ezell allegedly gazed at for years.

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Investigators are calling an incident where a man was struck and killed by a garbage truck Thursday a freak accident.

Douglass Ezell, 67, was in a parking lot along Dawson Boulevard when the incident happened.

Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh dug up court records on Ezell from nearly 10 years ago that raise questions about what Ezell did regularly in the parking lot where he died.

"He would always park at an angle with the driver's side facing out where he would be sort of the sightline view of the businesses across the highway," store manager Jenny Delara said.

Delara said she didn't know the man struck and killed by a Waste Management truck Thursday morning, but she said for years she saw Ezell in the parking lot of her business.

Delara told Kavanaugh he was always staring through binoculars at a Norcross factory on the other side of Interstate 85.

"He would put them down as soon as he saw us coming and we'd ask him who was he watching. We'd ask him more detailed questions, but he would never answer," Delara said.

Ezell had no criminal history in Gwinnett County. But Court records dating back to 2003 accuse him of stalking a Duluth woman.

According to the documents, the woman obtained a permanent restraining order.

In one of her complaints the woman stated he sent flowers and a love card to her office at OFS, which is the plant Ezell allegedly gazed at for years.

"Nobody ever called the police to say that he was there behaving suspiciously, nor do we have any complaints from the person he was likely stalking across the street," Cpl. Jake Smith with the Gwinnett County Police Department said.

Police said when they found Ezell on Thursday morning, he was on the ground with the binoculars by his side.

Police said he the driver of the trash truck that hit him recognized him as well.

"He saw him off to the side in his mirror. Somehow, in the process while he was reversing, the person made his way behind the truck," Smith said.

Because the incident happened on private property, police said the driver of the truck didn't violate any traffic laws.

They also said the truck passed their inspection. At this point they don't believe the driver will face any charges.

Waste Management officials said they are cooperating with police but did not provide a statement on the incident.