• Police officer uses ex's driver license information to terrorize him

    By: Tom Jones


    ATLANTA - Channel 2 Action News was in court Friday when an officer pleaded guilty to using the computer in her car to look up an ex's personal information.
    Atlanta Police Officer Bridget Citizen stood in court and admitted she was wrong for illegally accessing her ex's information and it wasn't work related.
    David Pratt said Citizen has used her position to torment him, even when she was an officer in New Orleans.
    “I went through some of the same episodes where she tried to have me arrested,” Pratt said.
    Pratt said Citizen has accessed his information on multiple occasions, but investigations by Atlanta police and the district attorney's office found only the one instance.
    Judge Craig Schwall said what Citizen did was bad, but he was sympathetic.      
    “Apparently this defendant has a pretty stellar record with the APD,” Schwall said.
    Schwall said Citizen looked up information to find Pratt's address since there was a warrant for his arrest in connection with a child interference of custody case involving their child.
    Her attorney said she knows she did wrong.
    “She is very remorseful. She works in the truancy unit basically trying to make sure kids go to school,” said attorney William Boddie.
    The judge acknowledged the acrimonious relationship between the two, but hoped that could change for the sake of the child.
    “By pleading guilty today she's in fact telling you she's sorry she did what she did,” Schwall said.
    The judge sentenced the officer to 12 months’ probation but suspended that upon payment of a $500 fine.
    APD suspended her for four days.

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