• Police: Man dressed in suit robbing DeKalb businesses


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A sharp-dressed man with a tire iron is robbing DeKalb County businesses.

    Police said with each robbery, he's getting more aggressive, and they hope releasing surveillance video will help catch him before someone gets killed.

    DeKalb County police said he looks like your average businessman in a suit and tie with a nice overcoat and comes in around the time most people are getting off work. He goes to the register with a bag of Cheetos, and that's when he threatens the clerk and grabs the cash.

    A clerk said she was working when the man came into her store with one hand in his pocket. Police said he threatened her and demanded cash from her register.

    "He wasn't aggressive, wasn't loud, didn't draw attention to himself," said DeKalb County Sgt. Erik Heimer.

    Police said that's his mode of operation. In the first robbery, outside of verbal threats, he was not physically aggressive and looked professional.

    "Very unassuming, comes up with chips dressed in a suit no feeling of being threatened by," Heimer said.

    Police said the man has now robbed three business in a four-week period and with each one, he's becoming more dangerous.

    "He produced a tire iron, threatened the cashier with tire iron, threatened her life," Heimer said.

    The man attempted to rob a Decatur Rite Aid on Dec. 13, but police said it didn't go as planned. He dropped the money, making him agitated.

    "Struck the cashier and chased them around," Hemier said.

    He was back at it a short time later about a mile away.

    "While we were processing that robbery scene an hour later, he robbed Walgreens," Heimer said.

    The cashier told Channel 2 Action News her son's face flashed before her eyes during the robbery. She's hoping by speaking out, someone will come forward.

    "He can hurt someone. It's not worth it, not worth it at all," the victim said.

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