• Police: Motorcyclist accused in road rage will not face charges

    By: Mike Petchenik


    SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - Sandy Springs police say they will not file charges against a motorcyclist accused of threatening a man during a road rage incident.

    Pat Hagan captured the video on a dashboard-mounted camera last week. Hagan claimed the man on the motorcycle threatened him as he drove on Sandy Springs Circle.

    According to Pat Hagan, the motorcyclist sped up and drove alongside Hagan’s car, cursing at him and demanding he pull over.

    “’Get off the road, get over here I’m gonna teach you a lesson,’ things like that,” Hagan said.  “Just verbally threatening me.  I felt very frightened.”

    Police said the biker saw himself on TV and called with his side of the story. They said both men agreed they each contributed to the heated exchange.

    Police say if you become a victim of road rage, you should safely get a tag number and call 911 to alert police to the situation. 

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