• Police: Jilted lover tried to blow up ex with homemade bomb


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Police say a jilted lover tried to blow his ex-girlfriend up with a homemade bomb.
    Channel 2’s Tony Thomas says it was a very crude device, but the Gwinnett bomb squad says it would have been effective in causing damage.
    Parts placed in a tin can then sat in a bottle full of lighter fluid.  The would-be bomber placed it under his ex-girlfriend’s SUV. But it was her mom, though, who almost became its victim.
    Sandy Beckner says when she spotted the contraption under her daughter's SUV, she had no idea her daughter's ex-boyfriend, Ryan Derose, had allegedly planted it there. 
    “That’s almost like a fatal attraction because he had been harassing her. She couldn't go out of the house without him following her,” Beckner says in an exclusive interview Friday with Channel 2’s Tony Thomas.
    Authorities say Beckner’s fortunate the bomb didn't go off in her hands.
    Since finding the device, Beckner’s family has uncovered threatening text messages, they say, Derose sent his ex, promising to blow her up. And the daughter’s new boyfriend says Derose warned him "If you hear a loud noise in the middle of the night, just know it's not about you."
    Thomas asked police about Derose’s intentions.
    “We think it was simply to threaten his ex. He wasn't satisfied with the way things were left,” says Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Jake Smith.
    “As you can see from the bags under my eyes, I haven't been able to sleep. I literally have been watching this house 24/7," Beckner said.
    After a search of Derosa's house, Gwinnett police have just charged him with terroristic threats and possessing a destructive device. 

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