• Police: Hospital thief used baby as decoy

    By: Rachel Stockman


    ROME, Ga. - Rome police investigators say a bold thief accessed restricted areas of a local hospital, using a baby as a decoy.
    Surveillance video given to Channel 2 Action News by police show 36-year-old Berry Cochran walking the halls of Redmont Regional Medical Center with a baby in his arms.
    “He was actually using a small child with him, probably as a distraction,” said Rome Police Investigator Randy Gore.
    A spokesperson for the hospital stressed that no patient security was compromised. The hospital is currently investigating what happened, and there is now heightened awareness and extra precautions are being taken, according to the spokesperson with Redmont Regional Medical Center. 
    “I finished my work shift at the hospital and then when I returned my billfold was gone, stolen,” a nurse, who didn't want to be identified, told Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman.
    The nurse said the suspect went on to spend what she calls a “large sum of money” on her credit card. Police said Cochran was able to access her locked office drawer – all while carrying along the baby.
    “That is pretty neglectful on his part as an adult, that is terrible,” the woman said.
    “Most people would look at him and think nothing of him being there. [It] gives him a good excuse as to why he was there,” Gore said.
    Police said Cochran was out on parole at the time for another crime.

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