• Police hope lotto ticket will help nab serial car burglar


    EAST POINT, Ga. - East Point police are working to track down a brazen thief who broke into 30 vehicles, including a police officer’s truck.
    Detectives showed Channel 2 video of a man cashing a $30 lottery ticket. The same ticket was stolen after a thief popped the lock of a police officer’s pickup truck.
    Police say the video could be the lucky break they need to solve at least 30 car break-ins over a two-week period.
    “We were able to track down with the help of Georgia Lottery, the actual ticket and we were able to trace that back to a location where the ticket was redeemed,” Detective Allyn Glover of the East Point Police Department said.
    Victims reported seeing a red Ford F-150 just like the one that pulled into a Chevron gas station on Industrial Boulevard the same day someone broke into the officer’s truck.

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