• Police: Stash of stolen items found behind DeKalb home

    By: Rachel Stockman


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Detectives following a burglary said they lead discovered a huge stash of stolen good behind a DeKalb County home.
    Police had traffic partially blocked on Chamblee Tucker Road for several hours on Tuesday evening. From scuba gear to computers to huge chargers, detectives said they pulled all sorts of items out of the shed at the back of the home.
    “They did call in our bomb unit, and hazardous materials unit to investigate. Ultimately, no hazardous materials were found, no bombs were located,” said Mekka Parish, a spokesperson for Dekalb County police.
    Investigators said they found drugs, and paraphernalia on the premises. Four people were arrested, and police say they believe this could be part of a larger burglary ring.
    “Our detectives do believe these individuals may be connected to a number of burglaries here in the DeKalb County area, just how many too soon to tell,” said Parish.
    “At night time, they would go into the back of the house, different cars, never the same car,” said Donna Gunther.

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