• Police find illegal gambling at business


    ATLANTA,None - Investigators carried computers out of the Campbellton Connection Business Center in southwest Atlanta on Wednesday.

    Police said the computers were used for illegal online gambling.

    The Wednesday raid was the culmination of a week-long undercover investigation at the business.

    “They offer a service where people can play online games and win cash prizes.  Then they redeem those cash prizes with cash,” said Lt. Scott Kreher of the Atlanta Police Department.

    Such a practice is illegal in Georgia.  Authorities said so-called “business centers” are popping up all over the state.

    “This is the new way, a new wave of gambling,” said Kreher.

    But, he said, the same criminal charges apply.

    “We made an arrest of one of the individuals who was paying out the cash to our undercover officers,” said Kreher.

    Authorities said the worker has been charged with two counts of commercial gambling.

    Investigators believe the business had been open for about a month.  They said officers got multiple community tips.

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