• Police find gambling operation after robbery, shooting


    ATLANTA - Atlanta police are looking for three gunmen after a shooting uncovered an apparent illegal gambling operation.

    Channel 2’s Darryn Moore said police found gambling machines and tables in the rear of the West End Village on Lee Street when they responded to a double shooting early Tuesday.

    Police spokesman Captain Scott Kreher said one man was shot in the leg and a second victim was shot in the stomach.

    The business was full of people when a robbing crew rushed inside with guns drawn, police said.

    “It appears to be a robbery. They robbed each customer inside along with shooting the security guard and one of the customers,” Kreher said.

    A third person inside the gambling house suffered a heart attack after police arrived, according to Kreher.

    Police said many of the witnesses fled the scene after the robbery, but the few who remained told police the gunmen drove away in a silver Ford Taurus or Chrysler.

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