Police: Clayton man stole W. Va. state police officer's debit card information

by: Amy Napier Viteri Updated:


CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News was with Clayton County Sheriff's investigators as they searched the home of a man accused of a stealing a cop's debit card information.

"It was unnerving when we came down the street to see all the activity," neighbor Jim Thomas told Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri. Thomas said he didn't know much about the man who lived next door, Jean Sissoke.

Police arrested Sissoke after they say he fraudulently used a West Virginia State Police Officer's debit card information to buy gift cards.

"There are numerous ways to skim people's information and it's generally sent out of state, reprogrammed into cards,” investigator David Ward told Viteri.

Surveillance video from a Riverdale Kroger showed Sissoke buying gift cards using at least four different debit cards, according to Ward. After investigators got a copy of the video, store managers noticed when Sissoke returned to buy more and called 911.

Deputies and Secret Service investigators removed several computers and documents from Sissoke’s home, including passports, gift cards and credit cards.

"We recovered one Visa card in our suspect's name that has had the magnetic strip reprogrammed with information from another card," Ward said.

Clayton County Sheriff Kem Kimbrough told Viteri that cooperation between agencies, and in this case alert employees, was key to stopping the identity theft.

"It only takes one phone call to crack a case like this. To get the authorities involved,” Kimbrough said.

Kimbrough said he expects more victims. Police told investigators Sissoke had close to 80 gift cards in his possession when they arrested him.