• Police: Canton man may have been under the influence when striking Roswell teen

    By: Mike Petchenik


    ROSWELL, Ga. - A police incident report obtained by Channel 2 Action News shows officers suspect a Canton man may have been under the influence of drugs when he drove off the road Saturday, and ran over a Roswell teen on a sidewalk.

    Cyril Teal, 17, remains hospitalized with a shattered pelvis, broken bones and internal organ injuries.

    According to the incident report obtained by Channel 2's Mike Petchenik, in the "driver condition" section of the report, the officer noted that he suspected 21-year-old Kevin Kissell was under the influence of drugs.

    In the "contributing factor" section of the report, the officer noted that he suspects DUI. Police told Petchenik they are awaiting the results of a toxicology test, but that charges were pending against Kissell.

    Petchenik spoke to a friend who was walking with Teal on a sidewalk along Holcomb Bridge Road when the incident occurred.

    Raymond Matthews said he saw Kissell's Dodge Dakota suddenly swerve across several lanes and then barrel toward the pair as they waited to cross the street near Riverwood Lane.

    "I turned around again and he was right here and I jumped, and Cyril ain't jump and he hit Cyril," said Matthews. "I immediately called 911. I was so freaked out. I've never seen anything like that in my life."

    Matthews said he could hear his friend screaming from underneath the vehicle.

    "I wish I could do something to help him so bad, but I couldn't, so I called the police," he said.

    Matthews said Kissell appeared dazed when he emerged from his truck.

    "He looked like he was drunk," said Matthews. "He knew what he did was wrong because he was like: I really just did that?'"

    Petchenik tracked Kissell down in Canton on Thursday.

    "Were you high?" Petchenik asked him.

    "I have no comment," he said.

    Kissell did tell Petchenik he had a message for Teal's family.

    "I'm severely sorry for what happened," he said. "I am. I think about it every day."

    When Petchenik pressed whether Kissell was sorry for the crash or sorry for what caused the crash, Kissell again said "no comment."

    Kissell's friend and neighbor, Robbie Sanders, told Petchenik that Kissell confided in him after the crash.

    "He said he screwed up," said Sanders. "He regrets it very much."

    Petchenik asked Sanders why Kissell said he screwed up and Sanders replied, "He was under the influence."

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