• Police: Intruder shot by Georgia Tech student


    ATLANTA - Police say the man shot after breaking into an apartment near Georgia Tech lives in the area and was likely looking for his own home.

    Police said three students were in the apartment at Curran and 10th streets, just off the university's campus, around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday morning when an intruder broke a window and entered the apartment.

    One of the students inside confronted the man, identified as Adam Keller, 22, and shot him, police said.

    Police said Keller was combative and resisted medical treatment. He was taken to the hospital in critical, but stable condition.

    Police said the intruder had already broken into another nearby home on Curran Street. Police said he was high and mistook the homes for his own.

    Keller is charged with two counts of criminal trespassing and criminal damage to property in the second degree.


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