Police: Bullies break into 12-year-old's home

by: Kerry Kavanaugh Updated:


DULUTH, Ga. - Duluth police said bus stop bullying escalated into a home invasion and the victim is a 12-year-old boy.
Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh spoke to a 10-year-old neighbor, with parental permission. 

"They were cussing at him and yelling and screaming and pushing him," the neighbor said.
This boy said he first saw a group of kids bullying his 12-year-old neighbor as soon as he got off the bus. He thought eventually, everyone went home.
"He was like, 'Call the cops' and he was screaming," the neighbor said.
He said when he heard his friend calling for help, he went up to his apartment door. He said it was halfway open, and he could see inside.
"They picked him up and threw him on the couch," the neighbor said.
Duluth police said it appears to be an extreme case of bullying.
Maj. Don Woodruff said on Tuesday, the boy managed to get safely to his apartment, but police believe two teens followed him.
"They pushed way in, apparently held him down, stole a PC and some money from the house,” Woodruff said. 

The money, Woodruff said, allegedly came from the boy’s pockets. He said the suspects also rifled through the victim’s mother’s jewelry box.
Police said they arrested a minor on burglary charges. They are still looking for 19-year-old Joshua Parrish. He is not a Gwinnett County student, according to police.

Parrish is wanted on felony robbery and false imprisonment charges. Police showed Channel 2 Action News several photos from Parrish's public Facebook page. One stood out more than the rest.
"It did show him with a gun," Woodruff said.
Police believe he is dangerous.
"He said he was scared that they would rob him again," the neighbor said.
Police told Channel 2 Action News Parrish turned himself in to police late Thursday night.