Police arrest suspected silver thief

by: Craig Lucie Updated:

Nordahl has his own Wikipedia page.

ATLANTA - Atlanta police arrested a man who they said has a story that reads like the crime drama, “Catch Me If You Can.”

Detectives said Blane Nordahl, 51, is known as “Burglar to the Stars” and has his own Wikipedia page.

“He's got great knowledge of what's real,” said Atlanta Police Investigator Drew Bahry.

Nassau County Deputies captured Nordahl and his girlfriend, Elizabeth Music, in Hilliard, Fla.

Authorities in Atlanta, Tennessee and South Carolina worked together to track down the suspects. They also had a tip from a retired New Jersey detective.

“I’m delighted to know that they've been picked up,” said Lucy Richardson.

Richardson is one of the many of Buckhead victims who lost thousands of dollars in silver during a burglary at her home near Mt. Paran Road.

“They were very professional,” said Richardson. “They knew what they were doing and not to take what they didn't want,”

The thief left all of the silver-plated items behind. That’s exactly what police said Nordahl would normally do.

Police are now trying to gather evidence that Nordahl was at Richardson's home. They said he is most likely behind 50 other burglaries in multiple states and he slipped away with millions in silver.

“In Atlanta, we are close to $1.5 million in silver thefts,” said Bahry.