Police aggressively fighting car break-ins in East Atlanta

by: Rachel Stockman Updated:

ATLANTA - Police are aggressively going after thieves breaking into cars in the East Atlanta area. In the last week, police in Zone 6, which includes East Atlanta, Kirkwood and Little Five Points, nabbed eight people, in connection with car break-ins.

Car break-ins are up overall 4 percent from last year.

Tyler Preston said it was the police who called him, telling him his green Jeep parked on North Highland Avenue was broken into.

"In one moment, I was really startled and upset, and at the same time they were able to tell me that they recovered the bag," Preston said.

According to a police report, a neighbor saw Preston's green Jeep being broken into and called police. After a brief chase, police were able to track down 32-year-old Anthony Little. They found him hiding with Preston's bag and laptop, according to a police report. Little was arrested for entering an automobile and obstruction.

Little is just one of eight people arrested by police officers within Zone 6 within the last week. According to the latest crime statistics, there have been 1,566 auto larcenies in 2013 in Zone 6.

"These are very hard crimes, hard to catch in the act. This year alone, we've put nearly 100 people in jail for breaking into cars," said Major Timothy Peek, commander of Zone 6. According to Atlanta police crime statistics, arrests for auto larceny are up 190 percent since 2009.

"It is a really cool story, and I am very grateful not only to that officer, but to the other officers who found my contact info," Preston said.

Police said the best way to keep yourself from being a victim is to not keep anything visible in the car.