• Pistol-packing dancer fends off attackers


    SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - A woman recounted her terrifying encounter with a group of men, who she says followed her home from work and held her at gunpoint.
    The victim, who doesn’t want to be identified, is a certified nursing assistant who also dances at Club Blaze.
    She says she was coming home from the club Aug. 19 when a group of men followed her into her gated apartment complex in Union City. She says she became worried, and dialed 911.
    "She assured me that units were on the way to me," she said.
    She drove out of her complex, but the men followed her again. She says that's when one of them walked to her car and pulled out a gun.
    But she was ready. She says the man didn't even have time to make a demand.
    "I had my pistol on my lap. I pulled my pistol out, but it was already loaded, so that jammed it. So I guess that still scared him off, because he started running," the woman said.
    She says once he got to his car, he turned and fired a shot at her before the driver sped off.
    "I'm in fear of my life. I don't know if these guys are going to come back. I don't know what they wanted – Rape me? Rob me? I don't know what they wanted," she said.
    Union City police aren't sure either. They say they need to talk to the victim again to better match the events with surveillance video they've gathered.
    They say it's an open investigation and have not made an arrest.
    "Those three men are still out there. I’m probably not the only one, or the first one or not the last one," she said.
    The victim says the investigators haven't called her. But police say she needs to make herself available. They say until then, there is very little to go on. Anyone with information is asked to call the Union City Police Department.

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