Pastor's Jonesboro home repeatedly shot up

by: Carl Willis Updated:


JONESBORO, Ga. - A metro Atlanta pastor and his family are living in fear after their home was shot up not once, but twice.

No one was hurt in the drive-by shootings in his Jonesboro neighborhood, but the shooter is still at large.

Rev. Anthony Anderson told Channel 2's Carl Willis that he is doing the only thing he can think of -- keeping his house boarded up as his family waits in fear for another round of shots.

"People that come by my house, and I guess they may think this is a haunted house or something," said Anderson.

He said his wife only returned a few days ago. She had been too scared to come home and was living with relatives.

Anderson said the first shooting happened on Sept. 1, and the next about a week later.

He said both incidents happened around 11 p.m.

"I'm a man of God and I don't fear anybody, but it's scary to think that we're sitting here, not bothering anybody and we have to live like this," Anderson said. "It's got me just bewildered."

He said his neighbors were only able to see a dark blue or green vehicle leave the neighborhood after the most recent incident on Camelot Parkway that happened on Sept. 11.

"To think that my wife was sitting in the chair when all this transpired, and to think that my godmother had just got up from her computer when all this transpired, it's nerve-racking," said Anderson.

Now, he's asking Clayton County police for help.

"I wish they would patrol this area a little bit more, even if they could just sit for five to 10 minutes to see if anything is going to transpire, and go on about their way," he said.

Anderson is also working to get a neighborhood watch going to protect his family and his neighbors.

He said he also discovered damage to his back door where it appears that someone tried to break in.