• Overturned juice truck removed from interstate


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga.,None - An overturned juice truck briefly blocked a Clayton County interstate on Friday morning.

    The crash happened on a northbound ramp of Interstate 75 about 12 a.m.

    The truck was carrying 43,000 pounds of juice boxes. The rush was on to get the scene cleared before the morning drive time. About 20 people were brought in to help with the cleanup effort. 

    Crews first used a large hook to claw open the top of the trailer, where it had already cracked from the crash. They then had to put all the cartons of juice onto new pallets before moving them to a new trailer. Police had the trailer, still on its side, dragged off the ramp. The scene was cleared in about 30 minutes.

    “So, we disconnected the tractor from the trailer, set it up, got it out of the way and slid the trailer,” said Lawton Howard, of New Image Towing.

    The driver of the tractor trailer is OK, and no one else was hurt. Not a single carton of juice was damaged.


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