• Outgoing APS superintendent talks one-on-one with Jovita Moore


    ATLANTA - Retiring Atlanta School Superintendent Erroll Davis is responding to the controversy involving millions of dollars owed to Atlanta schools by the city.
    He has threatened to sue the city if the money isn't repaid.

    "We have a contract which we believe should be honored, which is simple as that,” Davis told Channel 2’s Jovita Moore in an exclusive interview Tuesday.
    “It seems like part of the mayor's issue with this whole thing, almost like loyalty, he seems to feel like he was betrayed by you for bringing this up in this last hour,” Moore asked Davis.
    “Our loyalty is to the children of this district and to the extent, that resources are due to them, we will vigorously pursue those resources,” Davis told Moore.
    Davis is retiring from the Atlanta Public Schools system after leading it through one of its darkest chapters -- a massive cheating scandal that cost administrators and teachers their jobs.
    More than 20 educators pleaded guilty. Several more, including former superintendent Beverly Hall, will head to trial.
    “It’s been a learning experience, and some of the things I learned were very unfortunate. I spent a good part of the last three years being quite angry at what adults have visited upon children,” Davis said.
    “Is there anything you would have done differently as you look back over the past three years?” Moore asked Davis.
    “Clearly looking back, there are things I could have done better, different timing, different ways to implement decisions. I believe rather directionally we have made the correct decisions,” Davis said. 
    Davis' last day at work is Friday. He's officially done on July 6.

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