Original developer picked for redesign of Centennial Park

by: Jim Strickland Updated:

The vision plan plots several new features, basically around the park's edges.

ATLANTA - The Georgia World Congress Center is planning a makeover for Centennial Olympic Park.

The park's future begins with a potential wish list of projects, developed by the park's original design firm.

Assistant park manager Joe Skopitz told Channel 2's Jim Strickland what they're hoping to solve.

"How do we really get them to spend some time here and enjoy the space, rather than just passing through?" Skopitz said.

The vision plan plots several new features, basically around the park's edges. Some of the ideas include better water features with real wading, a beer garden and terrace restaurant.

"I wouldn't mind seeing another restaurant, or a bar would be fantastic," said parkgoer Paige Harvey.

"The carousel, that would be nice for the children," said visitor Michelle Berrell of another proposal.

The great lawn would stay an open space. Renting it is one of the park's main revenue sources. Enjoying the lawn is one of its main draws.

"It's part of what Atlanta is all about. We're more than just a commercial area, but we're also very much into the environment, so I think it's important that we keep this," said Berrell of the space.

Plans also call for more on-street parking. One quick fix involves trimming down many of the hedges so drivers can see into the park and be drawn inside.

"We hope to have a number of projects that'll really have an impact on the community and will really make us best-in-class for the next 15 years," said Skopitz.

There is no timetable on when some of the major improvements would come, and there are no funding sources as of yet.