• Officer gives helping hand instead of ticket


    EMMETT TOWNSHIP, Mi. - A police officer went above and beyond the call of duty to help a mother and her young daughter.

    Officer Ben Hall with Emmett Township Department of Public Safety in Michigan was on patrol when he pulled over the mother for a traffic violation.

    When he approached the car, he realized her young daughter in the back seat was wearing a seat belt, but was not in a car seat.

    The young mom told the officer she understood the importance of having her daughter in the car seat but couldn’t afford one because of her limited income.

    In a Facebook post on the page, the mother said she recently hit a financial struggle, lost her vehicle and her children’s car seats.

    Instead of giving her a ticket, Hall had them pull into the parking lot of a nearby Walmart.

    Hall went inside and bought the mother a car seat to keep her daughter in.

    The department posted photos of Hall on their Facebook page saying, "Nice job Officer Hall.”

    The woman he helped also posted the message below:

    “I would like to say thank you to Officer Hall for his help and compassion. Last night he helped me and my family out more than he will ever know. I recently hit a financial struggle, lost my vehicle, and my children’s car seats. And last night officer Hall was doing his job and saw that my daughter was not in a car seat, and yes I know how important it is for her to be in one, he went out of his way, and out of his own pocket, and purchased my daughter a car seat. I thank God for putting you in my life officer Hall. You are an amazing man, and I will never forget the kindness and compassion you showed me, and you also showed my daughter and myself that there are people out there that care. Thank you!”

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    Officer gives helping hand instead of ticket

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