Obscene letter may be key to arrest in cold case killing

by: Linda Stouffer Updated:


GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Angry words once glued onto a page could help solve the murder of a Gwinnett County woman.

Cold case detectives are revealing the evidence for the first time, and they need new leads in the 2008 death of Kay Wenal.

"The letter was dusted for prints, also tested for DNA, but prints were not of any value," Cpl. Kelly Millsap of the Gwinnett County Homicide Cold Case Division told Channel 2's Linda Stouffer.

Investigators believe whoever put together the obscene letter also killed Wenal.

"It shows, I guess, a motive. It talks about a relationship or possible relationship this person may have had with Kay Wenal," Millsap said.

In one line, the letter said, "She loved me but that was a lie too."

The glue has deteriorated, and the words have now dropped from the page.

Wenal was killed inside her Gwinnett County home.

Shortly after her death, police released a sketch of a man seen near the family's home. He was never identified.

For the first time, investigators also showed Channel 2 Action News photographs a family member gave to police after Wenal's husband passed away.

The photos show a man with a resemblance to the mystery sketch. Detectives stressed he is not a suspect or even a person of interest, but they need to find out who he is.

"We send everything to investigators. Sometimes we get information that, to us, may not seem important -- but it's that one missing link that may help that investigator just break that case wide open," Miguel Sepulveda with Crime Stoppers told Stouffer.

Stouffer tracked down Wenal's sister, Pam Sleeper, who lives in Texas.

Sleeper said she and her elderly parents need to know what happened; who killed her and why.

"I just want her to know we're going to bring this guy to justice, and we'll find him. She can rest in  peace, and one of these days, I'll see her again," Sleeper said.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477.