Nurse-midwife defends allegations of circumcision error


CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - There are new developments in the case of an alleged major medical error made during a circumcision that left a boy disfigured.
Channel 2 Action News first told you about the lawsuit Tuesday.
Channel 2’s Investigative Reporter Aaron Diamant questioned the nurse-midwife who performed the procedure at a Riverdale clinic.
The lawsuit names both the nurse-midwife and the medical clinic's owners as defendants. Diamant tried to get their side the day the first story aired, but neither responded to his messages. They finally responded Wednesday and agreed to sit down with Channel 2 Thursday to challenge the horrific allegations they face.
"I'm sitting here because I have nothing to hide,” said nurse-midwife Melissa Jones.
Jones remains confident despite facing a $2 million malpractice lawsuit filed by the mother this week.
"All of those allegations are completely false,” Jones said.
Stacie Willis claimed her son suffered a partial amputation during a circumcision procedure performed by Jones at the Life-Cycle Pediatric Clinic last year.
“No child deserves to go through this,” Willis said.
Willis said the clinic's staff sent her and Dejuan home when the bleeding slowed, rather than seek emergency care. The lawsuit claims Dejuan now faces a lifetime of medical and psychological care.
"I feel like you stole his whole teenage years, his whole adult life,” Willis said.
Jones remains adamant.
[Did you make any mistakes during that procedure?] "I don't feel like I made any mistakes during that procedure,” Jones said.
She admitted there was more bleeding than normal, but "the bleeding was contained with direct pressure and silver nitrate sticks and there was no bleeding with the patient left the office," Jones said.
Jones claimed she's performed more than 650 circumcisions without incident and plans to fight Willis' lawsuit.
"They have absolutely no evidence or no medical documentation from any health care provider that has treated them that is going to authenticate any of these allegations,” Jones said.
Jones also said she's not convinced the boy's mother followed post-op care instructions. 
In the meantime, along with the complaint, Willis' lawyer also filed an affidavit from an independent medical expert to back up his client's claims. Still, Jones and the clinic's owner Anne Segouin both said they'll fight the allegations.

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