• New stadium deal calls for extra $20M from Falcons


    ATLANTA - The Atlanta Falcons may be picking up the tab for work that will have to happen near the proposed site for a new stadium.

    Channel 2’s John Bachman obtained an updated copy of the stadium deal Thursday morning. One major development in the new version was an extra $20 million from the Falcons to buy property to put the stadium on the south side of the Georgia Dome.

    That $20 million is in addition to $50 million the Falcons have agreed to pay for infrastructure, including moving Martin Luther King Drive.

    Bachman spoke to Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell about the changes.

    “For weeks, we’ve been asking for the deal and we’re glad to see that the lawyers have gotten together with the Falcons and gotten something in writing for us. We are hopeful that it’ll be introduced on Monday, and from there we will start the process of deliberating and getting to some finality,” Mitchell said.

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