• New Atlanta delivery service looking to expand nationwide

    By: Erin Coleman


    ATLANTA - A brand new local pickup and delivery service thinks it's the next big thing. Kanga launched in the metro area last week.
    The company delivers just about anything in Atlanta from an envelope to furniture on the same day.
    “My product will go straight to the customers the same day that they've posted an order, so the immediate gratification is already satisfied,” said Carla Foster with the Carson Brice Trading company.      
    Foster is one of several business owners who've already signed up with Kanga.
    Here's how it works: retailers set a flat rate for delivery. For everyone else, once you download the app to your phone, you type in what you want delivered, how big it is, where it's going and then name your price.
    Drivers like Michael Wilson can accept your price and get your delivery to you the same day, even down to the hour.
    “I actually do Lyft driving so I actually like that same idea doing it with packages,” Wilson said.
    Kanga is like Lyft or Uber, meeting with UPS or FedEx. It’s an idea that co-founder Everett Steele says has huge potential.
    “Basically we connect people who are already running around town with people who need things delivered, shipped, moved, retailers, individuals, kind of anybody,” Steele said.
    The Atlanta-based company started operating last week and already has 300 users and 35 drivers in the system.
    Steele says it's another example of technology putting people to work and making small businesses more competitive.
    “It really gives them a competitive advantage with companies like Amazon who provide two-day shipping or the big box stores,” Steele said.
    “I think it will really boost our sales, get our name out there and we really just want to deliver some happy,” Foster said.
    Channel 2 Action News reached out to Atlanta based UPS to get their thoughts on the competition. A spokesperson said they we would get a statement shortly, but we never heard back.
    Kanga wants to expand nationwide in the next year and half.

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