• Neighbors upset over dead dogs dumped in plastic bags


    ATLANTA - Animal control is checking into neighbors’ concerns about recent ugly discoveries in their southwest Atlanta community.
    It's a mystery that residents in the Capital View community say needs to be investigated-- dead dogs wrapped in plastic and tossed on the side of roads. They’ve been found near abandoned homes and even in storm drains.
    "People are dumping these dogs like they're evidence. They’re dumping these dogs like they're a gun used in a crime," said neighbor Benjamin Hodges.
    Hodges and another neighbor, Darryl Roy, reached out to Willis after discovering the third dumped dog in the last month and a half.  It was found on Gennessee Avenue near Allene Avenue.  The neighbors believe it was the result of dogfighting.
    "It obviously makes me think that somebody is abusing them and using them for purposes other than a pet,” Roy said.
    They’re also concerned with what they say is a delay in picking up the bodies.
    After Willis called, Fulton County Animal Services came to pick up the dog. At this point, they say they're not sure why this dog died, but they will investigate.
    "If this is a common occurrence, we have to get with the police and find out what's going on," said Paul Ebbs, Fulton County animal cruelty investigator.
    Fulton County’s animal cruelty investigator responded less than an hour after Channel 2 Action News called the county, asking why someone would dump an animal in such a manner.
    "I know what' you’re getting at. If there was dogfighting involved, there would be dumps perhaps, but I don't know that that's what's going on here," Ebbs said.
    "I don't think we need any new laws. I just think we need to enforce the law that we have," Hodges said.

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