• Neighbors upset after water main leaks for weeks

    By: Rachel Stockman


    ATLANTA - City crews plan to start work this week on a broken water main on Sylvan Road and Deckner Avenue.
    Neighbors said the water has been running down the road for several weeks now.
    “Valuable taxpayer money just running, nobody seems to care, or come fix it. They just let it run,” said Ricky Allen, who lives in the neighborhood. “It bother me because if this was somewhere else, you know probably the affluent side of town, they wouldn’t just let it run like this.”
    “Someone has got to pay for this water. It is just flowing down the street, I don’t understand,” said Terri Gordon, another neighbor.
    A spokesperson with the City of Atlanta’s Watershed Management Department said the leak started after a larger water main break two weeks ago.
    “Operations detected an issue at the location requiring a repair: A valve connected to a 24-inch water main near 1440 Sylvan Road.  The valve is connected to the larger main, to not chance widespread water outage during the holiday weekend, water will continue to pass through the main this week and repairs will begin early next week,” said Scheree Rawles, communications and community relations director for the city’s Department of Watershed Management in an email.  
    Rawles said she attended a neighborhood meeting last week to notify neighbors about what was going on.
    The city said they will notify homeowners when the water will be turned off during repairs. This is expected to be sometime this week.

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