• Neighbors say potholes are damaging cars' tires


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - People living in one DeKalb County neighborhood say erosion and potholes are an ongoing problem and safety concern on their busy street.
    After hearing from neighbors about constant road damage and repairs, Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri reached out to county officials who say in recent weeks they've had three repairs on Oakdale Road between North Decatur Road and Ponce De Leon after a sewer main collapse and several leaks.
    Problems like holes in the surface of Oakdale Road have neighbors in the Druid Hills community frustrated.
    “There are potholes everywhere and if you look there's always constantly plates on the road,” said neighbor Jim Peterson.
    Neighbors reached out saying they are dealing with a cycle of road damage and metal plates.
    “I was just riding down this morning and had to stop two or three times or slow down,” said neighbor Tom Flynn.
    Flynn has lived on Oakdale Road for 35 years. He said the aging sewer system below the street is struggling to keep up with new construction.
    “You’re patching new things onto old things and they really should of course tear up the whole street,” Flynn said.
    A spokesperson for DeKalb County said in recent weeks they've had to repair leaks to water main and sewer lines, as well as a sewer main collapse. They're working with a paving contractor to get the areas fixed.
    Peterson said the repairs are usually short-lived. 
    “I do know it just seems like the biggest waste of money to come in and pave the street and the very next day or two days later come in and start cutting holes in it,” Peterson said.
    Peterson said he often sees cars get tire damage driving over uneven metal plates. The heavily-traveled street is used as a cut through to nearby hospitals. Some said they would support closing the entire street to do repairs and repaving all at once.

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