Neighbors rescue woman from burning home


DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. - Neighbors came to a woman’s rescue after noticing smoke and flames coming from her home during Thursday night’s strong storms in Douglas County.

Michael Bruce said thunder and lightning were rolling through his Douglasville neighborhood when he noticed Ann Bartow’s Hillside Drive home was on fire.

“I saw a big flash go by and I got up to look and saw a little bit of fire coming out of the back,” Bartow said.

Firefighters said lightning sparked the fire and also snapped a tree in half that fell on the house

“When I saw it was coming from her house, it scared the living crap out of me, I had to do something,” neighbor Josie Bruce said.

Josie Bruce alerted her husband and he ran inside Bartow’s burning home.

“Went over there and got her dogs and her out of the house,” Michael Bruce said.

Bartow’s home was completely destroyed by the fire.

No one was injured and Bartow is staying with neighbors.