• Neighbors: Man continuously dumps trash in yards

    By: Rachel Stockman


    ATLANTA - Atlanta police said they’ve arrested a man dozens of times but he continues to build trash piles in other people’s yards.
    Neighbors said they are growing frustrated by the nuisance and the potential health concern.
    “He actually goes into dumpster, picks things up no one wants to touch thrown in there,” said neighbor Grace Hamlin.
    “He will make a mess, go into dumpsters take trash, bring out rodents, rats things like that, no one wants that on their property,” said Atlanta Police Department Major Jeffrey Glazier.
    Neighbors call the man “Junebug.” His real name is William Hall. He’s been arrested again and again for criminal trespassing and littering over the years.
    “They come pick him up. He will go away for a month, then we clean it up and then he comes back, and the trash comes back,” Hamlin said.
    Some neighbors said he is an example of the many people with mental issues continuously slipping through the cracks.
    “This is the perfect example of what happens,” Hamlin said.
    The neighborhood is divided, though, about what to do about Hall and his supposed art. But many want something done to help him.
    “I think it is a violation of that man’s rights and his freedom of expression, and I know how hard it  is get to respect,” said Tamarya Devine
    “When we do make an arrest and we do put him into the system. There is not a lot the system can do help him,” Glazier said. “It is a difficult cycle with him that we continually have to deal with.”
    Neighbors said they are trying to work on a more permanent solution to get the man the help he needs and get rid of the nuisance for the community. 

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