Neighbor worries dispute over pit bull mix is endangering his dog

By: Craig Lucie


ATLANTA - A man says he accidentally shot his neighbors pit bull mix with a BB gun after a warning shot when it lunged and attacked him. He now believes they may have retaliated by shooting up his front door, fence and his two dogs.
Channel 2’s Craig Lucie got caught in the middle of a heated exchange between the two southwest Atlanta neighbors when they discussed what happened.
“Get off of my property. Y'all on my property. Y’all one get the (expletive) off my property,” Nadera Edwards shouted at Lucie and a photographer.
Lucie told her he was trying to get their side to the story.
The neighbor’s argument first started with a conversation when Dondi Burroughs, who works in law enforcement in metro Atlanta, says his neighbor’s pit bull mix latched onto his wrist.
When Lucie looked into their backyard from Burroughs’ yard, he could see the dog was chained to a tree with no water or food. The dogs ribs were showing.
“Here he comes down the driveway again so I fired the BB gun down. My intentions weren’t to hit the dog but to use it as a distraction,” Burroughs said after the dog got loose.
Lucie asked the Edwards family, “Did you ever make a threat that you would shoot his dogs with a BB gun?”
They replied, “He shot my dogs with a BB gun. I have no dealing with him. If he wants my dog, he can have him. I don’t want to see my dog put to sleep. I will give him to anybody who will take care of him.”
Burroughs showed Lucie multiple BB’s lodged in his fence and front door.
“What’s going to happen next? Is somebody going to be sitting outside taking pot shots at me? I fear for my safety,” said Burroughs.
The Edwards family told Lucie no one fired a BB gun at Burroughs’ home or at his dogs.
“Your dog is tethered in the back. That’s illegal to do in Fulton County.” Lucie told the owners.
“No. He comes in the house,” Nadera Edwards’s father told Lucie.
But his daughter later told Lucie that she couldn’t let the dog in the house because he is destructive.
After Nadera Edwards quit shouting, she told Lucie that he could call a pit bull rescue group so her dog could have a better life. Lucie reached out to one, and he is waiting to hear back.
Burroughs told Lucie that he doesn’t want the police involved or this to be a civil matter. He said he just wants the dog to find a better home.

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