• Nearly a dozen cars broken into in Clayton County neighborhood

    By: Rachel Stockman


    RIVERDALE, Ga. - After having her home in Riverdale broke into last month, Victoria Crump isn’t taking any chances.
    She installed a home surveillance system that she can even monitor on her smartphone. Crump didn’t expect her cameras would catch a criminal so soon.
    “I watched him go in my driveway, light a lighter,” Crump said.

    The surveillance video from Crump’s home system shows a thief rummaging through her car for about five minutes early Monday morning, before heading toward another neighbor’s house.
    Crump suspected the thief was looking for a gun or other valuables in the car.
    Riverdale police said they received similar reports of at least 10 car break-ins in the neighborhood around Quail Hunt Drive in Riverdale, Clayton County.
    They’ve increased patrols as detectives try to figure out who is responsible.
    Ann Sykes said when she woke up Monday morning two of her cars had been broken into. She said the thieves threw all of her belonging all over the place.
    “I am thinking about getting a gun. I don’t even own a gun cause of this happening, they might start breaking into (houses),” Sykes said.
    Riverdale police believe that all of the car break-ins that occurred Monday morning may be connected.
    They said they have not yet received a copy of the surveillance video from the homeowner’s system.
    “It is discouraging but we have to come together as a community,” Crump said.

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