• Nearly 60 arrested during warrant sweep of Gwinnett County

    By: Tony Thomas


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Authorities say they arrested 59 people wanted on charges for 74 different crimes during a warrant sweep across Gwinnett County.

    More than 100 police looked for felons throughout the county.

    Police say it can be a frustrating process for investigators to find someone for whom they have issued a warrant.

    In one case, authorities went door-to-door only to find a suspect had recently moved, and later saw the man walking home from a store to a different address.

    He was wanted for drug possession, and deputies found more pills in his pockets, they said.

    He told police it was his grandmother’s prescription, but police told Channel 2’s Tony Thomas that the man will now face more charges.

    Police say they found one man in a closet, which is typical, since no one wants to go to jail. 

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