NASCAR fans say rain didn't put damper on race

by: Carl Willis Updated:


HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - Dark clouds and wet weather made way for an electrifying race Sunday at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Race fans were drawn to Hampton for a race under the lights.

"I've never been to a night race before," said John Farrell.

"It's real electric tonight," said Barley Smart. "There's a lot going on,"

NASCAR faithful told Channel 2's Carl Willis they were eager to feel their favorite drivers thunder toward the checkered flag.

"Just having the cars going around the track and stuff like that, you can feel it," said Tom Williams.

Kyle Busch earned the win after a series of caution flags.

Before the drivers started their engines, brief showers threatened to put a damper on the race.

"The rain kind of slowed everything down a little bit, but if anything, it just cooled it down," said Smart.

"It made the lines a little shorter," said Dustin Phillabaum. "We love that."

An AMS representative told Willis it is NASCAR's policy not to comment on the attendance of their races.

However, the stands were mostly filled, and crowds packed attractions outside the speedway.

"Everybody's having a good time," said Tom Williams. "I didn't see anyone unhappy."

A Henry County police representative said there were no major incidents to report Sunday night.