Murder suspect walks out of hospital after shooting

by: Carl Willis Updated:

Teresa Carter, a 30-year-old mother of three, was killed after a dispute over money July 16.

ATLANTA - The family of a slain woman is questioning why a murder suspect was able to avoid arrest, even after several people implicated him in the crime.

Cornelius Brown met Channel 2's Carl Willis Sunday near the intersection of Myrtle Drive and Alison Court in southwest Atlanta where his daughter was killed.

He said Teresa Carter, a 30-year-old mother of three, was killed after a dispute over money July 16.

"You always wonder why," he said. "She was a young person, and it's always hard for a parent to have a situation where they're burying their children."

Carter was shot and killed in broad daylight. The shooting made headlines because members of the neighborhood held the suspect, Armetrius Neason, until police could get to him.

"The community cared about my daughter," Brown said. "They knew what happened shouldn't have happened and it was wrong. So, they did what people call street justice."

Neason was roughed up by the crowd and taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment.

An Atlanta police representative said none of the witnesses would give a statement to police, and officers couldn't make an arrest without finding probable cause through further investigation. Neason walked out of Grady Hospital a free man.

"He shouldn't have gotten away. When the community found him and held him, that should have said something to the police department that this is the guy they were looking for," Brown said.

Investigators eventually found probable cause and now have a warrant for Neason's arrest but don’t know where he is. Brown said his grandsons were been robbed of their mother and have no sense of justice.

"We have to hold everyone accountable and something happened between the time that he went to the hospital and APD got to him," said Brown.

The victim's mother is caring for her three grandsons in South Carolina. She asks anyone who knows where Neason is hiding to contact police.