Mother says daughter being singled out in school dress code


COWETA COUNTY, Ga. - A local mother said her daughter is being singled out when it comes to enforcing the school dress code. The girl was pulled out of class in Coweta County for wearing stretch jeans.
The girl’s mother told Channel 2 it was unfair because she's seen the dress code and she's seen what the other students wear, but it was her daughter who was singled out.
“She's covered. She's ready for school. She's ready to learn,” said Aisha Clayton.
But Clayton said her 12-year-old daughter, Daje, was pulled out of class for dressing inappropriately.
Clayton said she displayed her jeans, shirt and vest to officials at Coweta County Schools.
"I went to the board of education because I wanted them to see what she had on,” Clayton said.
The Coweta County School System sent Channel 2 Action News a copy of the dress code guidelines. It is written that "spandex apparel" and "excessively form-fitting shirts, shorts, pants, or skirts are not allowed."
But Clayton said there's a gray area when it comes to leggings and skinny jeans that are so popular.
“There are other kids in the school that wear the same thing that have the same kind of material. You know, it's a fashion thing today,” Clayton said.
“But it's only me who gets in trouble,” Daje said.
Clayton believed her daughter is being singled out because of her size.
"She is tall. She's almost 5'9", she's only 12 years old and I have a hard time trying to find clothes for her,” Clayton said.
She was told that her shirt would have to reach the tip of her fingers, but that's a tall order because of Daje's long reach.
Clayton is calling on an updated dress code that clearly addresses this and a uniform way of enforcing it.
"She should be able to express herself, as well as the other kids,” Clayton said.
Daje was not suspended, but her mother wants to avoid further disruption.
The school system told Channel 2 it's up to each school's administrator to set and enforce the dress code.

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