• Mother says child's school infested with rodents


    COVINGTON, Ga. - A Newton County mother contacted Channel 2 Action News about a rodent problem at her child’s elementary school. She told us she's afraid the animals will bite her kids.
    East Newton Elementary School said it just put measures in place to eliminate the mice inside of the building.
    Third-grader Jayden McCain said he was using the bathroom Thursday afternoon when he spotted a mouse scurrying across the floor.
    “It got stuck in the glue trap when it was trying to go to the next stall,” Jayden said.
    Jayden's mom said she didn't find out about the alleged rodent infestation until that night when she said a teacher told her. 
    “When she first said it, the room got so quiet. It just made my stomach turn,” said Jayden’s mother.
    McCain’s mother said her 4-year-old son is required to take naps with the pre-K class on mats on the floor.
    “I am afraid that my child will be napping or participating in a floor activity and one would just come out and bite him,” Jayden’s mom said.
    The Newton County School District said in an email it notified pest control Thursday. School officials said they have placed traps throughout the building and will be adding "snap traps" to the ceiling. Custodians will check the traps throughout day officials said they expect the matter to be resolved in soon.
    But Jayden’s mother said she doesn't believe it will be a quick fix at all.
    “You can't get rid of mice or rats or rodents over the weekend,” she said.
    The school also said it sanitizes the cafeteria several times a day, including after breakfast and lunch and that they've also sealed any potential access points outside the building.

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