• Mother makes plans to bury child left in hot SUV


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - As family members prepare to bury the 22-month-old child who died in a hot car, investigators are still going over evidence implicating Cooper Harris' father in his death.
    Investigators said Cooper’s mother was questioned at headquarters after the child's death and released.
    Her husband, Ross Harris, remains in jail under murder charges.
    Police said his story of accidentally leaving the child in his SUV didn't add up, especially when they learned the father and son were seen together at a restaurant just minutes before Harris drove to work, bypassing the daycare.
    The mother is reportedly with family planning the child's funeral.
    An obituary published by the family said Cooper was loved and cherished and protected by both parents and all family members for his short 22 months of life.
    It continues to say, “The outpouring of love has been tremendously overwhelming. We would like to thank any individuals who have chosen to support our family whether it has been financial or spreading the word of support and prayers for the loss of our sweet Cooper.”
    Police initially took a lot of criticism for jailing the child’s father, eventually making a plea for the public to stop rumors and speculation.

     “Let the judicial system handle what it's supposed to handle. Let us do our job, let us get the information out there, don't be so quick to judge,” said Mike Bowman from the Cobb County Police Department.

    After Channel 2 Action News first reported police had evidence showing Harris visited his car in the middle of the day with his son still strapped inside, outrage over his arrest quieted.
    An online petition calling for his release has been closed. Donations to two online fundraisers have slowed.
    Despite the circumstances, much of Coopers funeral will be paid for by his father's employer, Home Depot's Homer Fund, which offers assistance of up to $10,000 to employees families beset by such a tragedy.
    A Home Depot spokesperson called it standard procedure in such a case.

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