• More rabid fox attacks spur fears in Henry County neighborhood


    STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. - A rabies scare triggered by another fox attack. Family pets and other animals are being quarantined in the affected area in Stockbridge.
    The fox attacked a Henry County resident, along with a dog and a cat.
    A sign will go up Monday at the Golden Acres subdivision advising residents of the quarantine for all outdoor pets. It's a precaution after a rabid fox attacked a Vietnam War vet and another woman in the neighborhood late last week.
    Lisa and Danny Page love to walk their dogs, but are now much more on guard knowing rabid foxes have been attacking pets and people in their neighborhood just a few days ago.
    “It's kind of scary when you have an animal to take care of, to walk, and do all that kind of thing,” said Lisa Page.
    "It's not a good thing to have rabies going on got to do what you got to do,” said Danny Page.
    A fox that tested positive for rabies tried to attack a man with a walker Thursday morning  -- but the man killed it with a rake.
    “I was just trying to defend myself, doing what I was trained to do,” said resident James Mozan.
    “Rabies virus is a deadly virus, gone untreated it can kill you,” said Vince Farah, Henry County rabies control officer.
    Farah said he issued the quarantine to prevent the rabies virus from spreading to more animals.
    “We don't want this virus spread to another area or another state,” Farah said.
    Farah said all outdoor animals in the quarantine area must be revaccinated for rabies and must be contained in an enclosure.
    “The second thing is, they need to be closely observed for 45 days,” Farah said.
    The Pages said they're taking the precautions seriously.
    "We just want to walk in the woods, out back, can't hardly do that right now,” Lisa Page said.
    Farah said the two people who were bitten by the rabid fox are now getting rabies vaccine. He's said at least three pets in the county have also been bitten by a infected fox.

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